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Stamping Technology

Stamping Line
Stamping Line

Our stamping technology has more than 40 years of history and has used wrist watch movement parts as its foundation. We have expanded our business to Information Technology equipment parts, medical equipment parts, and automotive parts. Precision mechanical components using fine micro energy is our strong field.

The following abilities and system must be stored in order to realize the product specifications, quality, stability, and quantity required by our customers:

  1. Sophisticated process design
  2. Die Design (Product viability accuracy specifications, ease of maintenance, productivity)
  3. Die Manufacturing (precision manufacturing sophistication, stable repeatability)
  4. Stamping machinery, machine peripheral equipment, accessories, measuring equipment
  5. Stamping skills (decision making, teamwork, work force)
  6. Maintenance Skills
  7. Maintenance parts supply capacity

Wrist Watch Parts

Wrist Watch parts
Wrist Watch parts

Our company has more than 40 years of manufacturing history.
Movement parts for wrist watch is a structural part that requires to operate with minimal energy under restricted space for a long period of time.
Therefore, it can be said that it is the acme of precision manufacturing.

Information Technology Equipment Parts

Information Technology equipment parts
Information Technology equipment

Stamping of materials like ultra-thin high hardness Stainless steel, copper alloy metal.

Use: Magnetic suspension head for FDD and HDD.
    Optical pick-up suspension for CD and DVD.

By being able to manufacture by stamping, product accuracy and variance became remarkably stable. As a result, dynamic performance of the device dramatically improved. The occurrence of the biggest challenge in stamping, “Burr" and “Distortion” was able to overcome by precision tool making technology and maintenance skills.

Medical Equipment Parts

Information Technology equipment parts
Medical Equipment Parts

Medical equipments daily advancement of high precision, miniaturization became stronger for implementation requirement of equipments that can reach to detailed parts of the human body.
Our company would like to contribute to implementation of required medical equipments by making use of ultra precision part manufacturing technology gained from experience.

Automotive Parts

Information Technology equipment parts
Automotive Parts

Typical example of our stamping technology for automotive parts is angled hole stamping for orifice plates which we were able to succeed in stamping in 1987.

Orifice Plate is attached to the top of the injector which is a component part for gasoline electronic fuel system. It has a vital role to spray atomized fuel supply to specified location.
Atomized fuel becomes closer to complete combustion in proportion which brings pleasing results such as reduced fuel consumption, environmental pollution prevention, depletion of fossil fuels on Earth.

The angled hole on orifice plates requires high precision, multi-function in atomizing fuel that accurately measures and supplies the required flow volume to the intake valve. Therefore, it is a part that needs to satisfy functional assurance (flow volume and spray angle) which is very rare for stamping parts. (In general, stamping parts are mainly measurement assurance)

In order to satisfy the functions, the following issues must be solved:

(1) Multiple (1-12) precision holes which are stamped at an angle as well as in different direction.
(2) Controlling of hole diameter in units of“0.1μm” in order to assure the flow volume function.
(3) Complete removal of burr which is fate for stamping.

Product Specification
■  Materials       : Stainless Steel
■  Hole Diameter   :  d = min. Φ0.10mm
■  Thickness       :  t = 0.08mm 〜 0.50mm
■  Stamped Angle  : 90°〜 45°(against the orifice side)