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III. Global Evolution�y Automotive Parts Business �z

In the early 1980s, we started parallel expansion into automobile parts industry. In 1987, succeed in stamping of angled hole piercing of Orifice which is installed at the top of injector for gasoline fuel system injector. It was immediately adopted by domestic manufacturer which led to serial production. At the time, electrical-discharged machining was the mainstream of serial production for orifice, and it carried numerous challenges. Therefore, being able to stamp was highly appreciated for its marvelous increase of productivity and quality stableness. With the growing global issue of prevention of global environmental pollution, and life extension of depleted fossil fuels, has escalated the demand for ultra-fine spray particle size aimed for complete combustion. Dealing with rapid development of diverse design specifications such as increase in hole amounts, more minimized hole diameter, and increase of hole angle degree, etc. In the early 1990s, began supplying to overseas manufacturers and seized direct view to the global market business. It has been over 20 years since joining to this industry, and we have expanded enough to represent approximately 30 percent of the world wide market share. As for machining manufacturing technology development, grinding of turbocharger parts for diesel engine, and, machining of injector parts for diesel fuel injector (common-rail system), which is produced at our factories in Japan and as well as Thailand (Komatsu Seiki Thailand.)