I. Genesis�y Watch Part Business �z

We were established in 1953 as a watch part supplier (Assembly Only) for current SEIKO-EPSON Corporation. We expanded production engineering territory year after year and by the early 1970s, we structured a consecutive production system of Tool & Die Production - Stamping Process - Secondary Cutting Process - Heat Treatment / Surface Treatment Process - Sub-Assembly. This consecutive production system was our key strengths in later business evolution. Stamping technology for wrist watch movement parts require a sum of extensive technology of high-grade shearing surfaces, precise piercing, forming, bending, cold forging, etc and it must overcome the required few ��m of dimensional and property accuracy based on its fate for accurately driven mechanism with minimal energy. The tool & die technology, stamping technology, and production system gained through this Genesis was used as a foundation DNA for business expansion to information peripheral equipment parts, medical equipment parts, and automotive parts.