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President’s Message

Our company was established as a supplier of wrist watch parts assembly by a few members. The geographical advantage of agglomeration of industrial precision and timeliness of Japanese economic growth, our business has expanded steadily.

By the mid-1970s, we advanced our business structure to be more sophisticated i.e. covered tool & die making, stamping, and secondary process to sub-assembly. In the early 1980s, we have added information technology equipment parts to our business portfolio, and began manufacturing automotive parts in the mid-1980s. With the help of automotive technologies shifting to electronic control, our business expanded and by the early 1990s, we were able to start supplying automotive parts globally which allowed us to achieve ‘’internationalization.’’ We also have a factory in Thailand since 2002, thus making us to achieve ‘’globalization,’’ and also making it possible to react to the flow of the change provided by time.

Our company has 60 years of history, but it was not always a smooth sail. We have encountered two critical moments in one being ‘’maturation’’ of technology and other being ‘’hollowing’’ due to the foreign shift of business. However, in place of each crisis, there was a switch to the new targets, and the management and manufacturing technology of watch parts that were inculcated from our customers in founding allowed us to for company revival.

The high precision technology required to transmit feeble energy without losing in transition for wrist watch parts was able to contribute greatly also in information technology equipment industry. As well as, being able to receive high evaluation for automobile parts industry for contributing to exhaust gas regulations in a global scale and increase in fuel economy.

Japanese economy took a big blow from the Lehman shock outbreak in the fall of 2008, the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11 2011, and the Thailand floods in September of 2011. In addition, with having to face current conditions of European Economic anxiety and ultra-strong yen rate, globalization began to go at once for many Japanese domestic industries. The keyword for corporate survival is if the company has global competitiveness or not.

We will correspond to the passage of time by highly utilizing the technologies we have cultivated till today. We will keep advancing forward to the new era.

President takeshi komatsu